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Linhas motrizes do Volvo FM

O poder e o controlo certos para o trabalho que faz, e os lugares para onde precisa de ir. Agora pode personalizar a sua linha motriz do Volvo FM com mais precisão do que nunca. Terá o poder de fazer tudo sem problemas e nós asseguramos que irá utilizar o combustível da forma mais eficiente possível. Receba muito mais do que aquilo que dá. Isso é rentabilidade.


Our engine range has been meticulously engineered to save fuel without compromising performance. We optimised the combustion chamber geometry. Designed vertical, centrally positioned unit injectors. Increased the gas-fill ratio. We could go on (and on) about our technical achievements. What’s most important about these innovations is the difference they make to your bottom line. And to the environment.


Regardless of which engine you choose for your Volvo FM, you’ll have access to an impressive level of torque within a wide range of engine speeds. The result is excellent driveability and low fuel consumption.

Reducing environmental footprint

If you really want to bring down your environmental footprint, we offer the Volvo FM gas-powered*, which runs on liquefied natural gas, making it possible to achieve a totally fossil free operation.


* Prerequisite Euro 6 specified fuel.


I-Shift is an entire range of automated gearboxes that makes driving easier, safer and more comfortable. There’s no heavy clutch pedal, and no stick to wrestle with. Every gear change is perfectly timed – automatically. A range of software packages lets you tailor the I-Shift for your needs. For the Volvo FM, you can also get your I-Shift with crawler gears or with the I-Shift Dual Clutch. 

More about the I-Shift

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